Friday, December 16, 2016

Hanging Sculpture, 3rd grade

We began these interesting mobile-style hanging sculptures by coloring the sides of our craft sticks with one set of colors on one side, and a different set on the other, so that as the sculpture turns, it changes its look. We carefully assembled the sticks, using at least two connection spots per stick for strength. On the final day, we added a hanger and used wires and beads for points of interest along the surface of our sculpture.

Front and back views of two sculptures in this next shot...

This student created a manger - so creative and clever! 

Abstract Evergreen Collage, 2nd grade

Matisse's collages were our inspiration for these winter-themed cutouts in 2nd grade. Students had studied a bit about Matisse when we made a goldfish still -life painting, and we also learned that later in his life he had to work in a wheelchair and found it easier to work with collage, or cutting and gluing shapes. We used both the positive and negative shapes of our evergreen tree drawings, and dotted out papers with tiny white snowflakes before cutting them out. Matisse's collages are abstract, so we turned our shapes in different ways and used a variety of colors for that fun, abstract look. We finished it off with some hand-stamped larger snowflakes in the empty areas.